Lab team publishes on cross-status interactions

Alumni and current lab members' research appears in this overview of how people interact across status divides. 

Fiske, S. T., Bergsieker, H. B., Constantine, V., Dupree, C. H., Holoien, D. S., Kervyn, N., Leslie, L., & Swencionis, J. K. (2015). Talking up and talking down: The power of positive speaking. Lewin Award Address, Journal of Social Issues, 71 (4) 834-846.

Lab Visitor Alum Vero Sevillano Publishes Animal Stereotypes

In work begun at Princeton, Veronica shows that animals are perceived in clusters that parallel the Sterotype Content Model quadrants: companions (dogs, cats, horses), predators (lions, tigers, bears), vermin (rats, insects, snakes), and prey (cows, sheep) that we eat. Congratulations, Vero!

Sevillano, V., & Fiske, S. T. (in press). Warmth and competence in animals. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Susan Elected to the American Philosophical Society

Susan is one of 33 new members recently elected to the American Philosophical Society. They're the nation's oldest scholarly organization, founded by Benjamin Franklin, spanning the fields of mathematics, physics, biology, the social sciences, arts and humanities. They also award a number of prestigious national prizes each year, including the Franklin Medal, the Jefferson Medal, and the never-yet-conferred Prize for Adequately Explaining Why We're Named "The American Philosophical Society."