Mike North's Paper Accepted

North, M. S., & Fiske, S. T. (in press). A prescriptive intergenerational-tension ageism scale: Succession, Identity, and Consumption.  Psychological Assessment.

Abstract: We introduce a novel ageism scale, focusing on prescriptive beliefs concerning potential intergenerational tensions: active, envied resource Succession, symbolic Identityavoidance, and passive, shared-resource Consumption (SIC). Four studies (2,010 total participants) developed the scale. EFA formed an initial 20-item, three-factor solution (Study 1). The scale converges appropriately with other prejudice measures and diverges from other social control measures (Study 2). It diverges from anti-youth ageism (Study 3). Study 4’s experiment yielded both predictive and divergent validity apropos another ageism measure. Structural equation modeling confirmed model fit across all studies. Per an intergenerational-tension focus, younger people consistently scored the highest. As generational equity issues intensify, the scale provides a contemporary tool for current and future ageism research.

Congratulations, Mike!